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Before You Begin; Clearing The Hard Drive - Motorola DCT6400 Series Installation Manual

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Do not position the set-top near any external heat source that could raise the temperature
around the unit. Do not place the set-top on top of another heat-producing electronic device.
Do not plug the AC power cord into a switched power outlet.
Before applying AC power, ground the set-top by connecting it to the coaxial cable wall outlet.
Do not apply power until the set-top has acclimated to the operating environment. It should
acclimate 54ºF (30ºC) per hour to a temperate change. For example, consider moving a set-top
that has been in a 41ºF (5ºC) truck for more than one hour into a subscriber home with a
temperature of 77ºF (25ºC). In this case, you should allow the set-top to warm up for at least 40
minutes before applying power.
Do not apply power to set-top until it reaches a safe operating temperature of 59 to 104ºF
(15 to 40ºC) and 5 to 90% non-condensing humidity.
To allow the internal disk drive to spin down and park its heads, wait 10 seconds after
disconnecting power before moving the set-top.

Before You Begin

Before you move or change components on the subscriber entertainment system:
Review the installation instructions.
Determine if you are connecting the set-top to a standard TV, a composite (baseband)
monitor, or a component monitor.
Verify that you have the necessary audio/visual cables and other required items.
If the set-top was previously used, clear its hard drive before installing the set-top at a new
subscriber location

Clearing the Hard Drive

On a previously-used set-top, delete all recorded programs from the hard drive before installing it
at a new subscriber location. This prevents your new subscriber from viewing programming they
may not have purchased or may not want to see.
To prevent subscribers from accidentally deleting all of their recorded programs, a specific set of
keystrokes is required to clear the hard drive. Having a TV connected to the set-top is optional.
To clear the hard drive:
Start the Diagnostics as described in Section 4, "Diagnostics."
front-panel LED.
Using a remote control, within five seconds, press
(On some remote controls, the
If you correctly enter this key sequence in five seconds or less, the hard drive is cleared and
the front-panel LED displays
is not displayed, re-enter the key sequence in step 2
is displayed, press any other key to reset the set-top, turn it off, and complete the
clearing process.
DCT6400 Series Installation Manual
key may be labeled "
is displayed on the
d 01
three times, and


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