Motorola DCX700M User Manual

Motorola DCX700M User Manual

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Pause live television! Rewind and replay programs so you don't miss a beat
Imagine...coming home to your own personal library of television programs, movies and
sports that you can watch whenever it's convenient for you. It's TV on your schedule.
Record up to 90 hours of your favorite programs and view them as many times as you want,
whenever you want.
Control Live TV
With a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from your cable provider, you have the opportunity to
control live TV. When you tune to a channel, the DVR automatically begins making a temporary
recording of the program. Once the temporary recording begins, you can Pause, Rewind and
Fast Forward through the recording. Your DVR will record up to two hours of Live TV.*
The live TV recording is not permanent, unless you save it to the DVR's hard drive.
For live TV recordings, the temporary recording will be erased if you:
• Turn off the DVR
• Change channels
• Watch more than 2 hours of the same channel – after 2 hours the DVR will buffer only the
most recent 2 hours
Playback Controls
You can play back your
video recordings using
the Video Control Buttons.
Remote Control Arrow Buttons
3 4 5 6
will control playback when you are watching
a recording in progress or while watching a
recorded program.
Status Bar
The Status Bar appears whenever you Pause, Rewind or Fast Forward a live program.
The Status Bar shows title, channel and duration of time. Green indicates the length of program
in the buffer. Red indicates you are watching a DVR recording in progress. White indicates the
length of multiple programs that have been recorded in the buffer.**
* Recording capacity varies.
** Recording buffer (temporary storage) for each tuner will record as long as you stay tuned to the same channel.
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Digital Video Recorder

From Waitsfield Cable
buttons on your remote control
• 496-5800
These buttons function like VCR controls.
Plus, you have new DVR control features,
like Instant Replay and SWAP.
Fast Forward
Go back to Live TV
Go to DVR Menu
Play / Pause
Slow Rewind
From Pause
Go to Live TV
Fast Forward
Slow Forward
From Pause
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  Summary of Contents for Motorola DCX700M

  • Page 1: Digital Video Recorder • 496-5800 Digital Video Recorder From Waitsfield Cable Pause live television! Rewind and replay programs so you don’t miss a beat Imagine…coming home to your own personal library of television programs, movies and sports that you can watch whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s TV on your schedule. Record up to 90 hours of your favorite programs and view them as many times as you want, whenever you want.
  • Page 2: Slow Motion

    Pause You can Pause live TV anytime by pressing on your remote. For programs you’re watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to 90 minutes.* Pressing Pause more than once allows frame by frame viewing. Press Play to resume the program.
  • Page 3: Recording Programs

    Instant Replay With Instant Replay,* you can replay the last 15 seconds of a program. Press Replay or Page on the remote. Press repeatedly to continue skipping LIVE LIVE back in 15-second increments. Return to Live TV When you pause or rewind a live program, the program continues to broadcast in real time.
  • Page 4 From Program Information From any Program Information screen, highlight button and press OK/Select to schedule a recording. Follow the on-screen prompts for additional recording options. Manual Recording You can set a Manual Recording for specific time or channel: • Select DVR from the Quick Menu or Main Menu, or My DVR button on your remote •...
  • Page 5 Two Recordings Are in Progress Overlay When two programs are recording simultaneously and you change channels, an overlay will appear. Follow the on screen prompts: • Swap to view your other recording • Continue recording, don’t change channel • Stop recording change channel (this appears when 2 recordings in progress and want to tune to another channel) Manage Schedule Conflicts...
  • Page 6: Recording Series

    Keyword Search Select Keyword from the Search Menu and use   buttons to navigate the keyboard to spell out your keyword. Select Search Now to begin the search and the list of matching results will appear. The Keyword Search is based on any word in the program title or description.
  • Page 7 Your Series Recordings will appear in the My Recordings list with the show title as its label. Multiple recordings of the same show will have the same label and will be listed beginning with the most recent recordings first as default. To change ...
  • Page 8: View Recorded Programs

    Manage Series Priorities • To give your new recording the highest scheduling priority and to capture the most number of episodes for your new recording, select High. The screen will show you how many episodes of the new series will be recorded and which episodes of the old series will not be recorded because of the conflict •...
  • Page 9: Future Recordings

    Future Recordings View List of Scheduled Recordings From the Main Menu or Quick Menu, • Select DVR* • Select Future Recordings • See a list by day of all the programs you have   scheduled to record; use arrows to advance by day •...
  • Page 10 DVR Folders DVR Folders help you keep recorded series organized and help you scroll through your recordings quickly. DVR Folders automatically group like titles into folders. Highlight the DVR Folders to open and scroll down to select a specific episode to watch. Press LAST to return to your recordings list.
  • Page 11: Modify Recording Options

    DVR Cleanup From the Main Menu, select DVR Menu to access DVR Cleanup. DVR Cleanup allows you to delete multiple recordings with a simple check box. When you select DVR Cleanup, a DVR Cleanup screen appears, with a list of all of your recordings. To check what recordings to delete, simply highlight the corresponding box(es), then arrow left to highlight the Delete button and press OK/Select, and confirm...
  • Page 12 Select from the Program Information Screen. Select to change the Recording Options or select to delete this program from your list of Future Recordings.     Use the buttons on your remote to change the Recording Options: • Change the frequency of the recording, such as every day or once a week •...
  • Page 13: Recording Notices

    Recording Notices Recording Starting Notice If you are currently watching TV, before a Scheduled Recording begins, a notice will appear giving you the opportunity to confirm or cancel the recording. If you don’t do anything, the DVR will automatically tune to the channel and begin recording.