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Troubleshooting - Motorola DCX3501-M Quick Start Manual

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Troubleshooting guidelines follow. If problems still occur after performing the diagnostics, call your service provider for assistance.
Problem — If this occurs:
The set-top will not
power on
The remote control
does not work
There is no audio
when viewing cable
DCX3501-M Quick Start Guide
Solution — Then do one of the following:
• The DCX set-top may have received a software update and may not power on while the new software is
being installed. Try again in a few minutes.
• Verify that the power supply is connected to the set-top and an electrical outlet. Unplug the set-top from the
electrical outlet, plug it back in, and then press the POWER button.
• If the set-top is connected to a switched outlet on another unit, verify that the unit is powered on. Unplug
the power supply from the rear of the set-top, plug it back it in, and then press the POWER button. Use an
unswitched outlet, if possible.
• Press the POWER button on the set-top's front panel instead of the remote control. The batteries in the
remote control may be depleted.
• Verify that the remote control is in STB mode.
• Verify that there are no obstructions between the remote control and the set-top. Aim the remote control
directly at the set-top front panel, not the TV or VCR.
• The angle between the remote control and the set-top may be too large. Stand in front of the set-top and not
too far to either side.
• Press and release operation keys one at a time, firmly and deliberately.
• Try changing channels using the buttons on the set-top front panel.
• Check the batteries in the remote control. Install new batteries if needed.
• Verify that the mute button on the remote control has not been pressed. Press MUTE on the remote control
to restore sound.
• If the set-top audio output is connected to the TV, verify that the mute button on the TV has not been pressed.
• If the set-top audio output is connected to a home theater receiver, verify that the receiver is set to the
appropriate input source and the mute button on the receiver has not been pressed.
• Verify that you have the correct cables for the audio connections.
• Verify that the audio cables are firmly connected between the set-top and the audio playback device (TV,
receiver, DVD player, etc.).

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