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Before You Begin; Clearing The Hard Drive - Motorola DCT3080 Installation Manual

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consumer electronics devices, such as stereo receiver/amplifiers
and televisions, is permitted as long as the air surrounding the
terminal does not exceed 40 ºC (104 ºF).
Place the terminal on a flat surface not prone to vibration or
Do not install the terminal in an area where condensation
To prevent the temporary loss of guide data and cause a
temporarily non-responding terminal, do not plug the AC power
cord into a switched power outlet.
To avoid shock and vibration damage to the internal hard drive,
do not move the terminal while it is plugged in.
To allow the hard drive to spin down and park its heads, wait at
least 10 seconds after disconnecting power before moving the

Before You Begin

Before you move or change components on the subscriber
entertainment system:
Review the installation instructions.
Determine if you are connecting to a standard TV, a composite
(baseband) monitor, or a component monitor.
Verify that you have the necessary cables and other required items.
Note: If the terminal was previously used, clear its hard drive before
installing it at a new subscriber location.

Clearing the Hard Drive

On a previously used cable terminal, delete all recorded programs from
the hard drive before installing it at a new subscriber location. This
prevents your new subscriber from viewing programming they may not
have purchased or may not want to see.
To prevent subscribers from accidentally deleting all of their recorded
programs, a specific set of keystrokes is required to clear the hard drive.
Having a TV connected is optional.
To clear the hard drive:
DCT3080 Installation Manual


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