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Cabling To An Hdtv For Video - Motorola DCX3501-M Quick Start Manual

Hd dual tuner dvr
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Connecting Your Device

Cabling to an HDTV for Video

For the best possible HDTV video quality:
1. If the TV has an HDMI input, connect it to the DCX
set-top HDMI output. If the TV has a DVI input,
connect it to the DCX set-top HDMI output using an
HDMI-to-DVI converter cable or adapter.
2. If the TV has neither an HDMI nor a DVI input but has
an IEEE-1394 input, connect it to the DCX set-top
IEEE-1394 output.
If you use IEEE-1394, on-screen graphics do not
display. Otherwise, use the component video (Y, Pb,
and Pr) connectors.
Note: Be sure to match up each signal to the same
connection on the TV. Otherwise, the colors will not
appear correctly on your TV.
L/R Audio connection or digital audio S/PDIF
connection is required for sound with component
DCX3501-M Quick Start Guide
Note: Because HDMI provides both video and audio output, no
additional audio connections to the TV are required.

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