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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 97

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Regulatory Compliance Statements
Wireless devices are not user serviceable. Do not modify
them in any way. Modification to a wireless device will void
the authorization to use it. Please contact manufacturer for
Only use drivers approved for the country in which
the device will be used. See the manufacturer System
Restoration Kit, or contact manufacturer Technical Support
for additional information.
United States of America
USA and Canada Safety Requirements and Notices
Do not touch or move antenna while the unit is transmitting or
Do not hold any component containing the radio such that the
antenna is very close or touching any exposed parts of the body,
especially the face or eyes, while transmitting.
Do not operate the radio or attempt to transmit data unless the
antenna is connected; if not, the radio may be damaged.
Use in specific environments:
The use of wireless devices in hazardous locations is limited by the
constraints posed by the safety directors of such environments.
The use of wireless devices on airplanes is governed by the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA).
The use of wireless devices in hospitals is restricted to the limits
set forth by each hospital.
Explosive Device Proximity Warning
Do not operate a portable transmitter (such as a wireless
network device) near unshielded blasting caps or in an
explosive environment unless the device has been modified
to be qualified for such use.
Chapter 5

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