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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 17

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Safety Precautions
Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may
cause slight injury or damage to the product.
If the computer emits smoke, or there is a burning smell,
disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet and contact
a service center immediately. If your notebook is an external
& removable battery type, remove the external battery.
There is a danger of fire.
Do not use a damaged or modified CD.
There is a danger of damaging the product or personal injury.
Do not insert your fingers into the PC Card Slot.
There is a danger of injury or electric shock.
Use recommended computer cleansing solution when
cleaning the product and only use the computer when it is
completely dried.
Failure to do so may cause electric shock or fire.
Emergency disk eject method using paperclip should not
be used while the disk is in motion. Make sure to use the
emergency disk eject method only when the Optical Disk
Drive has stopped.
There is a danger of injury.
Do not place your face close to the Optical Disk Drive tray
when it is operating.
There is a danger of injury due to an abrupt ejection.
Check CDs for cracks and damage prior to use.
It may damage the disc and cause problems with the device and
injury to the user.
Do not leave the product in a location exposed to magnetic
A magnetic field may cause the product to work abnormally or
the battery to discharge.
The information saved on the magnetic tape of a credit card,
phone card, bankbook, transportation tickets and so on can be
damaged by a computer's electromagnetic field.
Use the pen only for the original purpose. Do not poke in the
eye or ear with the pen, and do not put the pen in the mouth.
There is a danger of injury.
Chapter 1
Getting Started

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