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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 52

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Using the Touch Screen
Entering characters in Handwriting Mode
You can enter characters by writing them in the Handwriting
Mode Input Panel on the touch screen.
Handwriting Mode may not be available in some languages.
Press the Handwriting Mode icon
Write characters in the input area of the Handwriting Mode
Input Panel on the touch screen.
Press the Insert button to enter characters.
Touch screen use precautions
in Tablet PC Input
Use the touch screen with clean and dry hands. In a humid
environment, remove the moisture from your hands and the
touch screen surface before use.
Avoid directly spraying liquid cleansing solution onto the touch
screen. The liquid solution may enter the touch screen through
the bottom edge.
When using a liquid cleansing solution, dampen a cloth in
the solution and clean the screen with the cloth (a cleansing
solution or cloth containing abrasives may damage the touch
Do not apply a severe impact to the touch screen or press the
screen with a sharp object such as a ball-point pen.
This may damage the touch screen.
If your finger only touches the touch screen slightly, your touch
may not be recognized.
If you wish to use a pen, please use the provided S Pen
(optional). Otherwise, the computer may not work properly.
Take care that you do not drop the S Pen as this may damage
the pen tip.
When pressing the touch screen, press over an item precisely
taking care not to press other items.
If the touch screen is contaminated by a foreign substance
such as a bug or water, the touch screen will not work properly.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer

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