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Lcd Brightness Control - Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual

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LCD Brightness Control

The screen brightness is automatically set to the brightest
level when AC power is connected and the brightness is
automatically set dimmer when the computer runs on battery
power to extend the battery use time.
Controlling the Brightness Using the Keyboard
Click the Charms menu > Settings
Adjustment icon
Adjust the brightness with the screen brightness control bar.
> Screen
Saving battery power consumption
Decreases the LCD brightness when the computer
is running on battery power to save battery power
LCD bad pixels principle of computer
Samsung observes the specifications regarding strict
quality and reliability of LCD. But in spite of that, it is
inevitable that there might be a small number of bad
pixels. A large number of bad pixels can cause problems in
appearance, but a small number of pixels doesn't affect the
computer performance.
Therefore Samsung observes and manages the following
dot principles:
- Bright dot : 2 or less
- Black dot : 4 or less
- Combination of Bright and Dark : 4 or less
Instructions for Cleaning the LCD
Clean the LCD panel with a soft cloth lightly moistened with
computer cleansing detergent moving in one direction.
Cleaning the LCD panel with excessive force can damage the
Chapter 3.
Using the computer

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