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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 14

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Safety Precautions
Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may
cause personal injury and even fatality.
Before upgrading the computer, be sure
to shutdown the computer first and then
separate all connected cables. If the
notebook computer has an external type
(removable) battery, separate the battery,
Failure to do so may cause electric shock.
Security and Movement Related
Follow the instructions for the relevant
location (e.g., airplane, hospital, etc.) when
using a wireless communication device
(wireless LAN, Bluetooth, etc.).
Avoid exposing a drive to magnetic fields.
Security devices with magnetic fields in-
clude airport walk-through devices and se-
curity wands.
The airport security devices that check car-
ry-on luggage, such as conveyor belts, use
x-rays instead of magnetism and will not
damage a drive.
When carrying the notebook computer
with other items, such as the adapter,
mouse, books, etc, take care not to press
anything against the notebook computer.
If a heavy object is pressed against the
notebook computer, a white spot or stain may
appear on the LCD. Therefore, take care not to
apply any pressure to the notebook.
In this case, place the notebook computer
in a separate compartment away from other
Chapter 1
Getting Started

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