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Overview - Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual

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Front View
The pictures used for the cover and the main body in the User
Manual are those of the representative model of each series.
Therefore the colors and appearance of the pictures may
differ from the actual appearance of the product depending
on the model.
1 2
1 Illumination Sensor
Camera operating
indicator (Optional)
3 Camera (Optional)
4 Speaker
5 Touch Screen
6 Home button
Getting Started
Using the illumination sensor, the LCD
screen brightness is automatically adjusted
depending on the ambient illumination.
If you cover the illumination sensor with
your hand, the LCD screen will become
dimmer. Therefore, please take care that
you do not cover the sensor when you use
the computer.
This indicates the camera operating status.
Using this camera, you can take still
pictures and record video.
You can take a picture or make a movie
using the Charms > Start > Camera.
A device used to generate sound.
This is a touch screen that shows the
output from the computer.
Switches the screen between the Start
screen and the currently running app/
If no app/software is currently running,
the Desktop is displayed.
Chapter 1

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