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Micro Sd Card Slot (Optional) - Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual

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Micro SD Card Slot
You can only use the micro SD card slot for micro SD cards.
You can use micro SD cards as removable disks and conveniently
exchange data with digital devices such as a digital camera, digital
camcorder, MP3, etc.
You have to additionally purchase a micro SD card with the
necessary capacity depending on your requirements.
You can use a micro SD card just like any data storage
A copyright protection function is not supported.
Since you can lose a card when moving the computer,
keep the card separately.
The figures used for the description are of a representative
model. Therefore the figures may differ from the real ones.
Using the card
Open the micro SD card slot cover and insert the micro SD
Micro SD Card Slot
The following message appears on the top right. Click to
open the folder and click View Files.
If a message appears to notify you of any problem, click the
corresponding window > Continue without Scanning. You
can perform the following process described in No. 3.
Windows Explorer runs on the Desktop. You can save, move
and delete data on the corresponding drive.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer

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