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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 15

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Safety Precautions
Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may
cause slight injury or damage to the product.
Installation Related
Do not block the ports (holes), vents, etc. of the product and
do not insert objects.
Damage to a component within the computer may cause electric
shock or fire.
When using the computer with it lying on its side, place it so
that the vents face upwards.
Failure to do so may cause the internal temperature of the
computer to rise and the computer to malfunction or halt.
Do not place a heavy object over the product.
This may cause a problem with the computer. In addition, the
object may fall and cause injury, or damage the computer.
Battery Usage Related
Dispose of worn-out batteries properly.
There is a danger of fire or explosion.
The battery disposal method may differ depending on
your country and region. Dispose of the used battery in an
appropriate way.
Do not throw or disassemble the battery and do not put it
into water.
This may cause an injury, fire or explosion.
Use only a battery authorized by Samsung Electronics.
Failure to do so may cause an explosion.
Avoid contact with metal objects such as car keys or clips
when keeping or carrying a battery.
Contact with a metal may cause excessive current and a high
temperature and may damage the battery or cause a fire.
Charge the battery according to the instructions in the manual.
Failure to do so may cause an explosion or fire from damage to
the product.
Do not heat the product (or battery) or expose it to heat (e.g.,
inside a vehicle during the summer).
There is a danger of explosion or fire.
Chapter 1
Getting Started

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