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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 13

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Safety Precautions
Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may
cause personal injury and even fatality.
Avoid direct sunlight when the computer
is in an air-tight location such as inside a
There is a danger of a fire hazard. The computer
may overheat and also present opportunity to
Do not use your computer for long
periods of time while any part of your
body is making direct contact with it. The
temperature of the product may increase
during normal operation.
This may result in harming or burning your skin.
Upgrade Related
Be sure to upgrade the computer by
yourself only if you have sufficient
knowledge and ability.
If this is not the case, ask for assistance from
the service center or an authorized engineer
for the upgrade.
Be sure to upgrade only the parts specified
in the user manual according to the
procedures described in the user manual.
Do not disassemble any other parts or devices
by yourself. There is a danger of a electric
shock, fire or damage to the product.
Never disassemble the power supply or AC
There is a danger of electric shock.
When removing the RTC (Real Time Clock)
battery, keep it out of the reach of children
as they could touch and/or swallow it.
There is a danger of choking. If a child has
swallowed it, contact a doctor immediately.
Chapter 1
Getting Started

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