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Nfc (Near Field Communication) (Optional) - Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual

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(Near Field Communication) (Optional)
About NFC (Near Field Communication)
This is a set of standards to establish radio communications
within a short distance (usually no more than 10 centimeters).
You can share the contents safely and conveniently without
any cumbersome setup process.
Various features such as video/photo transfers, P2P games,
mobile payments, reading/writing tags, NFC device
communications and so on can be utilized depending on the
NFC device.
You can use the NFC function on devices that have the NFC
For more information on how to use the device, refer to the
User Guide of the device.
Simultaneously sharing a website between two
This section describes how to connect two NFC computers.
You can connect a website displayed on computer A with
computer B at the same time.
Open a website on computer A using Internet Explorer.
On computer A, select Charm menu > Device
by Tap.
Put the NFC antenna
contact with the NFC antenna
If the following message appears on the B computer, tap on
the screen.
Now, the website contents in computer A are delivered to
computer B.
You can see the computer A's website on the computer B's
Internet Explorer.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer
> Sent
of the NFC computer B into
of computer A.

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