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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 54

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Micro SD Card Slot
To remove a memory card
Press the card until it pops up, then pull it out by holding the end
of the card.
To format a memory card
When using the memory card for the first time, you must format
the card before using it.
Formatting a card deletes all data saved on the card. If the
card includes data, backup the data before formatting it.
Click the Windows Explorer
Right-click over a card drive with the touchpad and select
Click Start to the formatting.
icon in the taskbar on the
To use a card to exchange data with a digital device such
as a digital camera, formatting the data using the digital
device is recommended.
When you try to use a card, which is formatted in the
computer, in another digital device, you may have to
format the card again in the device.
If the write-protect tab is in the
format, write or delete data on the card.
Take care when you insert or remove a micro SD card. The
micro SD card may be damaged when not treated carefully.
Chapter 3.
Using the computer
Lock position, you cannot

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