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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 6

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Before You Start
Performance Information and Restriction
Online games and some games(3D,2D) may not be supported
and Full HD video and some high bit rate HD video playback
may be slow and stutter on this computer.
If the main board goes out of order, the data saved on the
storage device cannot be used due to the characteristics of this
Make sure that you always back up all your important data.
About the Product Capacity Representation
About the capacity representation of the storage
The capacity of the storage device (HDD, SSD) of the manufacturer
is calculated assuming that 1KB=1,000 Bytes.
The operating system (Windows) calculates the capacity of the
storage device assuming that 1KB=1,024 Bytes, and therefore
the representation of the storage device capacity in Windows
is smaller than the actual capacity due to the difference in the
capacity calculation.
(E.g. For an 80GB storage device, the capacity is represented as
74.5GB by the operating system. 80x1,000x1,000x1,000 byte/
Windows may also display a smaller hard disk capacity due
to some hidden functions or software programs such as the
Recovery program.
About Memory Capacity Representation
The memory capacity reported in Windows is less than the actual
capacity of memory.
This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory
or claims it for further use.
(E.g. For 1GB(=1,024MB) memory installed, Windows may report
the capacity as 1,022MB or less)
Chapter 1
Getting Started

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