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Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro XE700T1CA04US User Manual page 20

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Safety Precautions
Using the Power Supply in an Airplane
Since the power outlet type differs depending on the type of
airplane, connect the power appropriately.
Since the representative figures of the power plug and
the auto adapter are used, they may differ from the actual
When Using the AC Power Plug
Connect the power plug pins perpendicular into the center of the
power outlet.
If the plug pins are not inserted into the center of the holes, the
plug pins are only inserted up to half their length. In this case,
reconnect the power plug.
You have to insert the power plug into the outlet when the
power indicator (LED) of the power outlet is lit green. If the
power is connected properly, the power indicator (LED)
remains green.
Otherwise, the power indicator (LED) is turned off. In this case,
unplug the power, check if the power indicator (LED) is green,
and then reconnect the power plug.
Power Indicator (LED)
220V Power Plug
110V Power Plug
Good Example
Chapter 1
Getting Started
Wrong Example

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