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Appendix C: Creating An Iso Dvd/Cd Image File - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Appendix C: Creating an ISO
DVD/CD Image file:
To install a free ISO DVD/CD Image File Cre-
ation Utility, such as ImgBurn (go to http://
www .imgburn .com for more information)
Step 1: Insert the Installation CD .
Step 2: Using "My Computer" icon or Win-
dows Explorer, click on the CD drive
Step 3: Go to the "Tools" Folder
Step 4: Double-click on the executable file
icon that starts with ImgBurn .
Step 5: Follow Installation Wizard to com-
plete the installation process .
Creating an ISO DVD/CD Image File from a
CD/DVD disc to the Duplicator's hard drive by
Step 1: Double-click ImgBurn Icon on your
desktop or Click on "Start" -> "Program Files"
-> "ImgBurn" -> "ImgBurn"
Step 2: Click on "Mode' on the menu bar
Step 3: Select "Read"
Step 4: Select your DVD/CD drive that has
the disc you want to create the ISO image file
from by clicking on the drop down box under
Step 5: Set your Destination to "I:\DUP"
by clicking on the button under "Destina-
tion" . ("I" represents the drive letter that
you assigned for the Duplicator's hard drive
partition .)
Xerox LS Duplicator


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