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Select The Duplication Speed - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Select the Duplication Speed

This process will allow you to adjust the dupli-
cation speed subject to your needs .
By default, the duplication speed will be set
to the optimal speed for each format and set-
ting . However, under some circumstances, you
may want to reduce the duplication speed .
Those circumstances typically are as follows:
Poor Blank Media Quality. When your
blank media quality is not good, lowering
the duplication speed is necessary to make
good copies .
Poor Master Disc Quality. If your master
disc condition is not good, lowering the
duplication speed will greatly reduce the
failure rates .
Duplication Quality. Overall, the lower
the speed, the higher the quality of your
duplicates . If you have time, it is a good
choice to lower the speed to produce the
best quality duplicates .
When you turn on your duplicator, after it
has booted up, you should see the following
signifying your duplicator is ready .
Step 1: Use the up or down arrow button to
navigate to the Select Burn Speed menu .
Step 2: Press the >>button to enter the Select
Burn Speed menu and you shall see a screen
similar to below:
6.Select Burn Speed
Select Burn Speed
CD to CD
Xerox LS Duplicator


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