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Chapter 1: Introduction & Manual Overview; Before You Start - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Chapter 1
Introduction & Manual Overview The Xerox CD/DVD
LightScribe Duplicator is a reliable, high performance,
high speed, standalone manual tower duplicator with the
added LightScribe printing feature. With its professional
industrial design and simple beginner user interface, it will
make your disc publishing experience easier than ever.

Before you start

Before you start using this duplicator, please read the following to ensure proper opera-
Duplicator Limitations
The duplicator will not copy any CD or DVD discs that have Copy Protection
encoded inside . Typically, the movies you purchase or rent from the store will
contain copy protection . In addition to the copy protection limitation, the duplica-
tor cannot copy across formats . This means that you cannot copy a DVD master
onto a recordable CD or vice versa . In addition, you cannot copy the same formats
if the discs have different maximum capacity limitations . This means that you
cannot copy a single layer DVD onto a double/dual layer DVD or vice versa . The
recordable blanks must be the same format and maximum capacity as the master
disc you intend to duplicate .
Temperature Warning
If the duplicator was stored in a location where the temperature dropped below
F (0
C) within the past 24 hours, please leave the duplicator in a warm room
with temperatures at least 65
first time . Failure to do so may cause irreparable harm and prevent the duplicator
from functioning .
It is very important to operate and keep the duplicator in a dust free, clean
environment since dust is the number 1 killer for optical recording devices . Failure to
do so may severely damage your duplicator . We strongly suggest you place an Air
Cleaner next to the duplicator and constantly use the Air Duster (Can Air) to clear
off any dust on the surface of the duplicator .
Xerox LS Duplicator
F (19
C) for 4 hours prior to powering it on for the


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