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Chapter 3: Basic Operations; Make Disc-To-Disc Copies - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Chapter : Basic Operations

Make Disc-to-Disc Copies

This process will copy your master disc onto single or
multiple blank discs simultaneously. However, due to its si-
multaneous nature, a good conditioned master disc and a
lower recording speed is recommended for higher success
rates and better quality duplications.
For a disc-to-disc copy
The copy source can be either of these devices:
The reader: The reader normally is the 1st drive from the top of the duplicator and is
most often the source typically used when making disc-to-disc copies .
Any of the writers: One of the writers can also be used as the copy source when mak-
ing disc-to-disc copies . This option is typically only used when the reader is either bad
or unable to read the master disc .
Since the duplicator has a hard drive installed, it will simultaneously load the master disc
image into the hard drive while copying from the reader drive to the writer drives during
the first round of the copy process; Then starting from the 2nd round, all copies will be
made from the hard drive for enhanced performance and reliability . If you prefer not to
utilize this feature, please change the "Duplication Mode" setting to "On the Fly" under
the "Setup" menu . Please refer to page 54 for more details .
Xerox LS Duplicator


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