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Section 2: Making Copies From Reader (When The Reader Is Selected As The Source Drive) - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Section 2: Making Copies from
the Reader (when the Reader is
selected as the source drive).
Step 1: Use the up or down arrow button to
navigate to the Copy menu:
Step 2: Press the >> button to enter the
Copy menu . You should then see the Coun-
ter feature screen .
The Counter feature will let you choose how
many copies you want to make for your
project . It allows the duplicator to count the
number of copies you've made for this job
and prompt you when the desired number
has been achieved .
You can choose not to input your desired
number of copies if you prefer to copy con-
tinuously with no interruption . (It will still
count the number of copies you've made
for this job, but it will not notify you when
to stop .) To do so, simply press >>button
when you see the "No Counter" on the 2nd
line of the screen below:
Or, you can choose to enter the desired
number of copies for this job by following
the simple procedure below:
Simply press the up or down button to
the following screen:
Xerox LS Duplicator
1. Copy
No Counter
The Counter feature is for your
convenience only, and will
allow you to make more copies
than the amount desired, if so
No Counter
Specify Counter


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