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Package Contents; Chapter Overview - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Package Contents

Xerox User Manual &
Software Installation CD

Chapter Overview

Chapter 2: Getting to know your duplicator
This chapter describes the physical features and instructions on how to operate your
duplicator .
Chapter 3: Basic Operations Guide
This chapter describes how to perform basic operations like Making Copies, Design and
Printing Labels, Changing Speed, etc .
Chapter 4: Menu Overview
This chapter describes what every function/setting does .
Appendix A: LightScribe Software Setup Instructions
This section provides an easy walkthrough on how to install the LightScribe software
needed to generate the label files .
Appendix B: Software Installation Guide for Accessing the Hard Drive on a
This section provides an easy walkthrough on how to install the Drag & Drop software
that is needed to access the internal hard drive by a PC .
Appendix C: Creating an ISO DVD/CD Image file.
Appendix D: Troubleshooting
This section provides many solutions on frequently asked questions and provides insights
on duplicator error codes .
Xerox LS Duplicator
Power Cord Cable


Table of Contents

This manual is also suitable for:

Lightscribe x.10