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Chapter 4: Menu Overview - Xerox LightScribe User Manual

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Chapter 4:
Menu Overview
This menu will guide you to make CD/
DVD copies . For more information, please
refer to "Make Disc-to-Disc Copies" on
page 20 or "Make Hard Drive-to-Disc
Copies (ONLY for duplicators that have a
hard drive installed) on page 26 .
This menu will guide you to design and
print a label from your LightScribe
Standalone Duplication duplicator .
Copy + Print
This function allows the user to perform
the disc duplication operation then the
disc labeling operation as part of one
process . The user merely needs to flip
the disc from the data side to the label
side after each duplication pass .
To use this function, the master disc
partition/image and LightScribe
Duplication Label file ( .lsi file) are
required to be preloaded onto the
duplicator's internal hard drive . For more
information, please refer to "Load
Partition" under "Hard Drive Setup" on
page 27, and "Load Label" under "Print
Setup" on page 4 .
Xerox LS Duplicator


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