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Changing The Jets - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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Changing the jets

Disconnect the gas hob from the
electricity supply by switching off at
the socket and withdrawing the plug
or by removing the mains fuse.
Changing the main jets
^ Take off the pan support, the burner
cover b and the burner head d.
^ Using an SW7 socket spanner
unscrew the main jet e.
^ Change the main jet.
^ Reassemble the burner head and
burner cover in the correct order.
Conversion to another type of gas
Changing the small jets
^ Guide a screwdriver through the
holes in the the lower casing of the
hob and loosen the small jets f.
^ Pull the jets out with a pair of pointed
^ Put in the new jets with a pair of
pointed pliers.
^ Secure the new jets with a
Finally secure the jets against
inadvertent loosening with sealing wax.

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