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Gas Connection - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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Gas connection

Connection to the gas supply, or
conversion from one type of gas to
another should only be undertaken
by an approved and registered gas
installer in strict accordance with
local and national safety and
building regulations, (e.g. Corgi
registered in the U.K.) Every
appliance should have its own
isolating valve and test point.
Check with your local gas supplier
about the type of gas and its
calorific value, and compare this
information with the type of gas
quoted on the hob data plate.
The installer is responsible for
ensuring that the appliance
functions correctly when installed.
Depending on country, the hob is
supplied ready for connection to natural
gas or liquid gas (refer to label on the
United Kingdom:
GB II 2 H 3+ 20 mbar, 28-30/37 mbar
IE II 2 H 3+ 20 mbar, 28-30/37 mbar
Depending on country a set of jets for
conversion to natural or liquid gas may
be included with the hob.
Please contact your dealer or agent for
the appropriate conversion jets if
Conversion to another type of gas is
described under the relevant Section.
The gas connection must be installed
so that connection can be made either
from inside or outside the kitchen unit,
and the isolating valve must be easily
accessible and visible (by opening one
of the kitchen unit doors, if necessary).
A test for possible leakages must be
carried out after installation.
Safety regulations demand that a
pressure test point is installed near a
gas hob to allow an engineer to test the
pressure, following servicing.

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