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Fixing The Support Brackets; Granite Worktops; Building In The Gas Hob - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents
Installation KM 414 / KM 417

Fixing the support brackets

^ Position the two support brackets
supplied a in the positions shown in
"Fitting the spacer bars and support
brackets" so they are flush with the
top edge of the cut-out and secure
using the 3.5 x 25 mm screws
supplied. 2 screws are needed to
secure each support bracket.
The thickness of the worktop will
determine which drill hole is used.

Granite worktops

On a granite worktop a hole must be
drilled d at the position indicated to
secure each support bracket.
^ Using a piece of strong, double-
sided adhesive tape position the
support brackets supplied a at the
positions indicated flush with the top
edge of the worktop and secure each
bracket with one screw in hole d as

Building in the gas hob

^ Place the gas hob in the prepared
^ Feed the electricity connection cable
through the cut-out and connect.
^ Make the gas connection.
(see relevant section).
^ Secure the gas hob from below
through the middle elongated hole b
in each support bracket using the
four screws supplied. Carefully adjust
the hob if necessary.

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Table of Contents

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