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Warning And Safety Instructions; Building In - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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Warning and Safety instructions

Building in

Fit wall units and cooker hood
before fitting the gas hob, to avoid
damaging the hob.
The room in which the gas hob is
installed must be at least 20 m
with a door or window in it which can
be opened to the outside air.
The veneer or laminate coatings of
worktops (or adjacent kitchen units)
must be treated with 100°C
heat-resistant adhesive which will not
dissolve or distort.
Any backmoulds must be of heat
resistant material.
Ideally the hobs should be installed
with plenty of space on either side.
There may be a wall at the rear and wall
or tall units at one side. On the other
side however, no unit or divider should
stand higher than the hob.
Due to the heat radiated by the hob
and to allow cooking fumes to
dissipate it is essential that a
minimum safety distance a is
maintained between the worktop
cut-out and adjacent furniture, e.g. a
tall unit, as follows:
100 mm with KM 404 / 405
250 mm with KM 406
200 mm with KM 414 / 417
There must be a minimum safety
distance of 50 mm between the hob
and a back wall.
in size
not recommended
not allowed

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