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Installation Km 404 / Km 405 / 406; Fitting The Spacer Bars And Support Brackets - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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Installation KM 404 / KM 405 / 406

Fitting the spacer bars and
support brackets
a Support brackets
b Spacer bars
Installation of several appliances
The illustration above shows an
example of a worktop cut-out with
spacer bars b and support brackets a
for 3 appliances.
For more than 3 appliances, repeat
dimension 288 mm.
The worktop cut-out dimensions for
several appliances are shown in the
table on the previous page.
c Gap between spacer bar and
d Drilling for a granite worktop.
^ Fix the spacer bars b and the
support brackets a supplied to the
positions indicated. See "Fixing the
spacer bars" and "Fixing the support

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