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Safety Distance Above Appliances - Miele KM 404 Installation Instructions Manual

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An electric fryer must not be
installed next to a gas hob, as the gas
flames could ignite the fat in the fryer.
It is essential to maintain a distance of
at least 288 mm between these two
These appliances must not be
installed over a dishwasher, washing
machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator or
freezer. The high temperatures radiated
by hobs could damage the appliance
This equipment is not designed for
maritime use or for use in mobile
installations such as caravans, aircraft
etc. However it may be suitable for
such usage subject to a risk
assessment of the installation being
carried out by a suitably qualified
Warning and Safety instructions

Safety distance above appliances

b A minimum safety distance must be
maintained between the appliance
and a cooker hood above it. See the
cooker hood manufacturer's
operating and installation instructions
for details.
If the manufacturer's instructions are
not available for the cooker hood, a
minimum safety distance of at least
760 mm must be maintained. For any
flammable objects, e.g. utensil rails,
wall units etc. a minimum distance of
at least 760 mm must be maintained
between them and the hob below.
When two or more appliances are
installed together below a cooker
hood, e.g. a combiset and a gas
wok combiset, which have different
safety distances given in their
installation instructions you should
select the greater distance of the
All dimensions in this instruction booklet
are given in mm.
Keep these instructions in a safe place
and pass them on to any future owner
of the appliance.

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Table of Contents

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