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Extension Cords - Craftsman 351.226121 Operator's Manual

7 x 12" band saw
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Thistoolis equipped withanapproved 3-conductor
cordratedat 150Vanda threepronggrounding t ype
plug(seeFigure 1) foryourprotection a gainst s hock
• Grounding p lugshouldbeplugged directly intoa
properly installed andgrounded 3 -prong grounding-
typereceptacle, as shown (Figure 1).
Properly Grounded O utlet..,,,.K_'il
3_ _rroO_ d_lnugg
Pro ng
Figure1 - 3-Prong Receptacle
Do not remove or alter grounding prong in any man-
ner. In the event of a malfunction or breakdown,
grounding provides a path of least resistance for
electrical shock.
Do not permit fingers to touch the termi-
nals of plug when installing or removing from outlet.
Plug must be plugged into matching outlet that is
properly installed and grounded in accordance with
all local codes and ordinances. Do not modify plug
provided. If it will not fit in outlet, have proper outlet
installed by a qualified electrician.
Inspect tool cords periodically, and if damaged, have
repaired by an authorized service facility.
Green (or green and yellow) conductor in cord is the
grounding wire. If repair or replacement of the elec-
tric cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the
green (or green and yellow) wire to a live terminal.
Where a 2-prong wall receptacle is encountered,
must be replaced with a properly grounded 3-prong
receptacle installed in accordance with National Electric
Code and local codes and ordinances.
This work should be performed by a quali-
fied electrician.
A temporary 3-prong to 2-prong grounding adapter (see
Figure 2) is available for connecting plugs to a two pole
outlet if it is properly grounded.
Grounding Lug_
Adapter _
_ ¢
_'-----, H ToAKnown
2-Prong Receptacle
Figure 2 - 2-Prong Receptacle with Adapter
Do not use a 3-prong to 2-prong grounding adapter
unless permitted by local and national codes and
ordinances. (A 3-prong to 2-prong grounding adapter
is not permitted in Canada.) Where permitted, the
rigid green tab or terminal on the side of the adapter
must be securely connected to a permanent electri-
cal ground such as a properly grounded water pipe,
a properly grounded outlet box or a properly ground-
ed wire system.
Many cover plate screws, water pipes and outlet boxes are
not properly grounded. To ensure proper ground, ground-
ing means must be tested by a qualified electrician.
230 VOLT
To use the band saw with a 230V, single-phase
power supply, have a qualified electrician attach a
230 volt, 20/30A 3-prong plug onto band saw line
cord and install the proper connectors and recepta-
cles to power supply.
See wiring diagram (Figure 3) for wiring instructions
for both motor and pump.
1,2, 3, 4 - Motor Leads
U, V - Power Supply
Figure3 - Motor and Pump Wiring Diagram
NOTE: Both motor AND pump must be rewired when
using 230V power supply.
The use of any extension cord will cause some drop
in voltage and loss of power.
Wires of the extension cord must be of sufficient size
to carry the current and maintain adequate voltage.
Use the table to determine the minimum wire size
(A.W.G.) extension cord.
Use only 3-wire extension cords having 3-prong
grounding type plugs and 3-pole receptacles which
accept the tool plug.
If the extension cord is worn, cut, or damaged in any
way, replace it immediately.
Wire Size
Up to 25 ft ..................................
NOTE: Using extension cords over 25 ft. long is not



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