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Specifications; Automatic Shut-Off - Craftsman 351.226121 Operator's Manual

7 x 12" band saw
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Refer t o Figures 4 through 11.
The7 x 12" Horizontal Metal C utting BandSawpro-
videsspeed withquality of cutforfabrication s hops,
machine shops, m aintenance departments andcontrac-
tors.Blade speedranges from125to270FPMtocuta
variety of material r anging formcastiron,toolsteel,
bronze, a luminum andplastic.
Thefeedrateis regulated bya hydraulic c ylinder. The
dialcontrol f orthecylinder i s accessible d uringall
stages of proper operation a ndcanbesetatanyfeed
ratewithinitsrange. T hewetcutoperation provides a
quality cutandextends bladelife.Features i nclude
automatic s hutoff, i ndustrial ratedspeedreducer, heavy
gaugesteelconstruction, castironwheels, p ulleys head
Additional features include swivel v isejawsforangle
cuts,builtin chiptrayandwheel a ssemblies. Sawis
controlled bytoggle switch.
Capacity ............................
7" Rounds
7 x 8" Rectangle at 90 °
2 x 12" Rectangle at 90 °
4 x 6" Rectangle at 45 °
Blade speeds ..............
125, 215 and 270 FPM
Blade size ........................
3/4 x .032 x 93"
Blade wheels .............................
Overall dimensions
491/2x 17 x 351/2 ' ,
Weight ................................
318 Ibs
Coolant pump .............
2.25 Gallons per minute
Coolant trough .......................
3.4 Gallons
Refer to Figure 8, page 12.
Always observe the following safety pre-
Whenever adjusting or replacing any parts on the
band saw turn, switch off and remove plug from
power source.
Make sure the stops are positioned and that the
automatic shut-off is operating.
Check that the gear box has the proper amount of
Make sure the blade guides are positioned correctly.
Use the appropriate blade for the workpiece that is
being cut.
Use a sharp blade. Replace dull blades or blades
which are missing teeth.
Make sure the blade is tensioned properly and going
in the right direction.
Use the proper blade speed for the work.
For optimum performance, do not stall the motor or
reduce the speed. Use the proper feed pressure.
Make sure enough coolant is available to keep
coolant pump (Key No. 5) submersed.
Secure the workpiece in a stable position.
Check that all guards are attached.
After turning the switch on, let the blade come to full
speed. Then lower the blade onto the workpiece slowly.
Keep hands away from the blade and all moving parts.
Always wear eye protection or face shield.
Refer to Figure 9, page 14.
Horizontal stop bolt (Key No. 37) controls the position of
the head at the end of the cut. Head should contact the
horizontal stop when teeth are 1/8"below the surface of
the workbed.
Refer to Figure 9, page 14.
Place head in the horizontal position.
Loosen the nuts (Key No. 32) on the horizontal stop
bolt. Adjust the horizontal stop bolt so that the teeth
are 1/8"below the surface of the workbed.
Tighten the nuts to lock the position.
Refer to Figure 9, page 14.
The switch is shut off when the blade passes through
the plane of the workbed. The switch should be shut off
as soon as the cut is finished.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the action of the switch is not
restricted by the horizontal stop.
All ball bearings are permanently lubricated. They
should not require further lubrication.
If the tracking wheel or head pivot is disassembled for
any reason, wipe off the old grease before assembly.
Refer to Figure 11.
The gear box relies on an oil bath to lubricate the
sliding surfaces and transfer heat. The vent bolt (Key.
No. 30) is vented to release pressure created by the
developed heat. Insufficient lubrication will cause the
gears to heat up and wear at an accelerated rate. If
the gear box is over filled, hot oil will escape through
the vent hole. The gear box is designed to take 10
ounces of 70-95 weight industrial gear oil.
The oil level should remain constant. If the level
changes, a defective gasket or seal should be
looked for and replaced.
If the gear box is worked on, the oil should be
replaced to avoid contamination.
Always add fresh oil and replace the oil seasonally,
to guard against break-down.



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