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Craftsman 351.226121 Operator's Manual page 10

7 x 12" band saw
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Blade cuts (crooked)
Bad cuts (rough)
Blade is twisting
Unusual wear on side
or back of blade
Motor will not start
Motor will not start;
fuses or circuit
breakers blow
Motor fails to develop
full power (power
output of motor
decreases rapidly) with
decreased voltage at
motor terminals
1. Work not square
2. Feed pressure too great
3. Guide bearings not adjusted
4. Inadequate blade tension
5. Blade guides spaced out too much
6. Dull blade
7. Speed incorrect
8. Blade guide assembly loose
9. Blade guide bearing assembly
10. Blade tracks too far away from
wheel flanges
11. Guide bearing worn
1. Too much speed or feed
2. Blade has too few teeth per inch
1. Cut is binding blade
2. Blade guides worn
3. Blade guide bearings not adjusted
4. Blade guide bearings not adjusted
5. Feed pressure too great
1. No electrical power to motor
2. Low voltage
3. Defective On/Off switch;
defective line cord
4. Open circuit in motor or
loose connections
5. Motor protector open
(only if your motor is equipped
with an overload protector)
6. Burned out motor
1. Short circuit in line cord or plug
2. Short circuit in motor or
loose connection
3.Incorrect fuses or circuit breakers in
power line
4. Motor overloaded
1 .Power line overloaded
2. Undersized wires or cords too long
3. General overloading of power
company's facilities
1. Adjust vise to be square with blade
2. Reduce pressure by increasing spring tension
3. Adjust guide bearings
4. Increase blade tension a little at a time
5. Move guides as close to work as possible
6. Replace blade
7. Check page 7 for recommended speeds
8. Tighten
9. Tighten
10. Track blade properly according to instructions
under "Operation," page 7
11. Replace
1. Reduce speed or feed
2. Replace with finer toothed blade
1. Decrease feed pressure
2. Replace
3. Adjust guide bearings (see page 6)
4. Tighten bearings
5. Reduce feed pressure
1. Check electrical wiring to motor for continuity
2. Check power line for proper voltage
3. Replace defective parts before using
band saw again
4. Inspect lead terminals on motor for loose or
open connections
5. Reset protector after motor has cooled
6. Any attempt to repair this motor may create a
hazard unless repair is done by an authorized
Sears Service Center. Replacement motors are
1. Inspect line cord or plug for damaged insulation
and shorted wires
2. Inspect all lead terminals on motor for loose or
worn insulation on wires
3. Install correct fuses or circuit breakers
4. Reduce load on motor
1. Reduce the load on the power line
2. Increase wire sizes or reduce length of cords
3. Request a voltage check from the
power company



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