Craftsman 351.226121 Operator's Manual

7 x 12" band saw
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7 x 12"
Model No.
Read and follow
all Safety Rules and Operating
before First Use
of this Product.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
16799.05 Draft (04/25/06)



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  • Page 1 Operator's Manual 7 x 12" BAND SAW Model No. 351.226121 CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before First Use of this Product. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. 16799.05 Draft (04/25/06)
  • Page 2 FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY TOOL SHOULD BE MAINTAINED If this Craftsman tool fails due to a defect in material or • Always unplug tool prior to inspection. workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, •...
  • Page 3 ATTACH WORK STOP ASSEMBLY • Know your tool. Learn the tool's operation, applica- tion and specific limitations. Refer to Figure 9, page 14. • Use recommended accessories (refer to page 15). • Insert end of work stop rod (Key. No. 8) into bed (Key Use of improper accessories may cause risk of No.
  • Page 4: Extension Cords

    Thistoolis equipped withanapproved 3-conductor rigid green tab or terminal on the side of the adapter cordratedat 150Vanda threepronggrounding t ype must be securely connected to a permanent electri- plug(seeFigure 1) foryourprotection a gainst s hock cal ground such as a properly grounded water pipe, hazards.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    • Make sure enough coolant is available to keep coolant pump (Key No. 5) submersed. • Secure the workpiece in a stable position. Refer t o Figures 4 through 11. • Check that all guards are attached. The7 x 12" Horizontal Metal C utting BandSawpro- •...
  • Page 6 • Thesealbetween thegearbox andthecoverplateis mounted to eccentric shafts (Key No. 5) and can be a gasket ( KeyNo.14).Ifcoverplateis removed, the adjusted. surface shouldbecleaned anda newgasket s hould • Loosen hex nuts (Key No. 15) with a wrench. Rotate beapplied. the eccentric shaft to locate bearings in desired •...
  • Page 7 CHECK TRACKING calculated. The thickness average should be used when choosing a blade for the optimum number of teeth in Refer to Figure 5. contact, however, the three teeth rule should be applied • Raise the head. Open the wheel cover. to the minimum thickness, not the thickness average.
  • Page 8: Coolant Tank

    If a motor, o therthantheonesupplied is used, t hecut- To determine if the feed is incorrect, examine the chips tingconditions w illbechanged. Threespeeds areavail- produced. When the blade is operating at the ideal feed able. for the speed, the chips will be curled and continuous. If the chips are thick and not continuous, the feed pressure Speed is changed bymoving lever(KeyNo.1) tooneof thethreespeed positions.
  • Page 9: Work Stop Adjustment

    POSITIONING • Rotate the work stop to contact the workpiece as close to the bottom as possible. Refer to Figure 7, page 9. • Tighten the wing bolt. The vise is designed to keep the workpiece steady while it is being cut. The vise should only have to coun- •...
  • Page 10 SYMPTOM CORRECTIVE ACTION POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) Blade cuts (crooked) 1. Work not square 1. Adjust vise to be square with blade 2. Feed pressure too great 2. Reduce pressure by increasing spring tension 3. Guide bearings not adjusted 3. Adjust guide bearings properly 4.
  • Page 11 SYMPTOM CORRECTIVE ACTION POSSIBLE CAUSE(S) Motor overheats 1. Motor overloaded Reduce load on motor 2. Air circulation around motor Clean motor to provide normal air circulation restricted around motor 1. Short circuit in motor; connections Motor stalls (resulting Inspect terminals in motor for damaged in blown fuses or insulation and shorted wires loose;...
  • Page 12 Model 351.226121 Figure 8 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Base...
  • Page 13 PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. 15818.00 Coolant Tank 15819.00 Strainer 01601.00 Strain Relief 15820.00 Hose 15621.00 Pump 01393.00 1/4-20x 1/2"Socket Head Bolt 15620.00 Hose Fitting 15796.00 Hose Clamp 15821.00 Hose 16463.00 Switch Cord 15823.00 Spacer 15824.00 Wheel 15825.00 Axle 15033.00 2 x 25mm Cotter Pin 15826.01 Left Leg 01390.00...
  • Page 14 Model 351.226121 Figure 9 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Bed 36 32...
  • Page 15 NO. PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. 15749.00 03474.00 %-18 x 5/8" Socket Head Bolt Support Shaft 15750.00 STD551131 %" Lock Washer* Spacer STD551050 _/2"Flat Washer* STD551031 %" Flat Washer* 15128.00 _/2-12"Fiber Hex Nut 15756.00 Support Plate 03927.00 15757.00 Wing Bolt Stop...
  • Page 16 Model 351.226121 Figure 10 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Head 41" 32_i 28/_t 2221...
  • Page 17 PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. 15788.00 15802.00 Right Guide Bar Tracking Wheel Shaft 03989.00 Knob 15803.00 Tension Block 15789.00 STD551125 1/4"Lock Washer* Right Bracket 15790.00 8 x 35mm Dowel Pin 15804.00 Shut-off Bracket 15791.00 Eccentric Shaft 03972.00 Knob STD315485 STD551037...
  • Page 18 Model 351.226121 Figure 11 - Replacement Parts Illustration for Gear Box...
  • Page 19 PART NO. DESCRIPTION QTY. 15768.00 Lever 15769.00 Spring 15388.00 1/4" Steel Ball 01939.00 3 x 20mm Spring Pin 16790.00 Connecting Pin 16789.00 Bracket with Pin 05374.00 5-0.8 x 15mm Socket Head Bolt 16797.00 5.8 x 1.9mm O-Ring 17688.00 Gear Box 06177.00 4-0.7 x 8mm Flat Head Screw 16779.00...
  • Page 20 Your Home For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories owner's manuals that you need to do-it-yourself. For Sears professional installation of home appliances and items like garage door openers and water heaters.