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Testing The Backup Tape - Xerox 6100BD - Phaser Color Laser Printer System Manual

Docusp common controller system guide.
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Testing the backup tape

System Guide
DUMP: 42.23% done, finished in 1:01
DUMP: Change Volumes: Mount volume #2 on bugs:/dev/
DUMP: NEEDS ATTENTION: Is the new volume (#2)
mounted on bugs:/dev/rmt/0n and ready to go?: (yes or no)
Label the next cassette Vol 2, insert it into the tape drive, then
enter yes. This message set is repeated for as many tapes
as required to complete the backup.
IMPORTANT: Proper labeling of the tape is essential to a
successful recovery. As the system requests additional
tape cartridges, be sure to label the tapes in the correct
sequence (for example, Vol #1, Vol #2, etc.). If you insert
the tapes in the wrong order during the recovery, the
restoration fails.
NOTE: Due to the current DocuSP licensing protection
scheme, tapes can be restored only to the system from which
they were backed up. In other words, tapes from one system
cannot be used to clone another system. Any attempt to do
this will invalidate the DocuSP license, and a full reloading of
software will be required to make the system operational.
If you have multiple printing systems, it is recommended that
tapes be labeled with the hostname of the system to reduce
the possibility of restoring to the wrong system.
The following procedure enables you to check if the backup
tape contains valid data.
1. Ensure that the tape drive is connected and powered on.
Insert the backup tape in the tape drive. If the backup
required more than one cassette, make sure that the first
tape (Vol 1) is inserted.
2. Open a Terminal window and logon as root user.
3. Enter mt -f /dev/rmt/0 status to check the tape drive
status. The system returns a message indicating the type
of tape drive.
If the system generates the error message /dev/rmt/0: no
such file or directory, enter mt -f /dev/rmt/1 status. If
the error message is displayed again, repeat steps 1
through 3 of the Checking the tape drive procedure,
described later in this chapter. If the problem persists, call
for service.
Backup and Restore


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