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Xerox 6100BD - Phaser Color Laser Printer Getting Started Manual

Docusp getting started
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June 2005
Xerox Document Services Platform
DocuSP Controller version 42.xx.xx



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox 6100BD - Phaser Color Laser Printer

  • Page 1 Xerox Document Services Platform DocuSP Controller version 42.xx.xx Getting Started 701P43676 June 2005...
  • Page 2 Printed in the United States of America. XEROX® and all Xerox product names mentioned in this publication are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. One or more of the fonts listed within this document may be a registered trademark of Morisawa &...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Table of Contents ........................3 1. Overview..........................1 User Documentation.............................1 Printing the user guides............................3 2. DocuSP 4.2 New Features and Enhancements..............5 All DocuSP – Based Products ..........................5 General feature enhancements...........................5 Backup/Restore enhancements ..........................6 Layout enhancements ............................6 Job Manager enhancements..........................7 Error Page enhancements ..........................7 VIPP Project Container (VPC) Filter inclusion ....................7 Two-Stage Resource-Based Scheduling ......................8...
  • Page 4 Nuvera Stacker/Finisher Script .........................25 LPR gateway behavior for document title ......................25 TGBackup ................................26 5. Adobe Acrobat Reader.......................29 For Windows and Macintosh ..........................29 For Solaris ................................29...
  • Page 5: Overview

    Getting Ready for the DocuSP Installation (getready.pdf): Contains installation worksheets to be filled in by the customer working with a Xerox representative in preparation for the DocuSP software installation. The PDF version provided on the CD allows the DocuSP user to print additional copies of this document as necessary.
  • Page 6 o Using the lp utilities for Solaris (using lp.pdf): Contains the syntax and commands for using the Unix lp print command to submit jobs to the DocuSP controller. o Using the lpr utilities for DOS and UNIX (using lpr.pdf): Contains the syntax and commands for using the command line lpr from either UNIX or DOS to submit jobs to the DocuSP controller.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    1. Be sure that Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 4 or later, is loaded on your personal computer. It is also strongly recommended that the Xerox custom print driver for your printer be installed on the personal computer. Refer to Chapter 5 of this document for instructions on loading the Adobe Acrobat Reader from the User Guides CD ROM.
  • Page 9: Docusp 4.2 New Features And Enhancements

    DVD-ROM drive. In addition, the DocuSP Color Supplemental Software is not yet available on DVD. PPML update DocuSP now accepts PPML zipped jobs with a Xerox XPIF ticket attached. DocuSP version numbering Starting with this release of DocuSP, the version number format is changing.
  • Page 10: Backup/Restore Enhancements

    Backup/Restore enhancements The Backup and Restore GUI’s operability is improved in DocuSP 4.2. ♦ Configuration Backup and Restore provides the following improvements: • Previously used settings in the Configuration Backup window will be saved across DocuSP restarts, and are persistent across window closings and reopenings. •...
  • Page 11: Job Manager Enhancements

    Job Manager enhancements The DocuSP 4.2 release introduces the following enhancements to the existing Job Manager job list: ♦ Pages processed and total pages printed are available in the job list. This information will be updated dynamically as values are changed. ♦...
  • Page 12: Two-Stage Resource-Based Scheduling

    IPDS is not available on the Sun W1100Z (x86 AMD) controller for the DocuTech and DocuPrint products. IPDS is not available for the DocuColor or iGen3 products. DocuSP IPDS does not currently support any non-Xerox Front End Processors. Certain FEPs may work successfully but interoperability is not guaranteed.
  • Page 13: Sun W1100Z Workstation

    DT HighLight Color customer documentation. The table below specifies the numbers for each of the consumables. Note that the Developer is ordered and stocked by the Xerox Service Representative for your site. The numbers are provided here for informational purposes only.
  • Page 14 Supply Item Part Number Yield: Average Available at install Replacement HLC Developer Waste 604K24870 800 K/bottle; 1 in machine Container (4 bottles) Area coverage 1.5% highlight color...
  • Page 15: Docucolor Printer Specific Changes

    DocuColor printer specific changes The iGen3 110 with SmartSize Technology This release introduces the Xerox iGen3 110 with SmartSize Technology. This new configuration offers new levels of productivity to customers running certain sheet sizes. ♦ Feeds and images 8 ½ x 11 or A4 sheets at up to 110 impressions per minute.
  • Page 16: Docusp 4.1 To 4.2 For Nuvera 100/120 Only

    Colors outside the SWOP gamut extend to the full iGen3 gamut. This provides increased contrast and saturation, allows smooth transition to more saturated colors while controlling blues and dark colors. In short, SWOP Plus allows customers to leverage the larger color gamut available in iGen3.
  • Page 17: New Features Lcds

    New Features LCDS LCDS Accounting page update DocuSP 4.2 introduces an update to the LCDS accounting page. Prior to 4.2, only the initial JDL/JDE was printed on the LCDS accounting page and saved in the DocuSP accounting log. In 4.2, the Initial JDL/JDE remains the same; however, the Current (or Last) JDL/JDE is also printed on the LCDS accounting page and saved in the DocuSP accounting log.
  • Page 19: Docusp 4.2 Software Release Information

    These caveats are planned to be fixed in a future release of the DocuSP software. If you encounter one of these caveats that impact your print production, contact your Xerox support representative. Caveat Applicable printer product...
  • Page 20 Caveat Applicable printer product IPDS crashes with a C03-308 Fatal System All applicable IPDS printers Error. To avoid the problem, increase the IPDS Shared Memory Space in the IPDS Manager. Recommended sizes are 128MB for monochrome printers, 512MB for color printers.
  • Page 21 Caveat Applicable printer product In Queue Manager, the OK button does not apply the changes as expected. Select Apply, then OK. The job properties of a topic submitted for print from the help window do not display correctly. The job prints correctly. Job submissions using IPP Gateway on a MAC OSX system fail.
  • Page 22 Caveat Applicable printer product PPML resource location is not restored in Preferences menu after a Configuration Restore. You must reenter the location manually. The NetWare and AppleTalk Gateway settings are not restored in the UI after a Configuration Restore. You must reset the gateway manually.
  • Page 23 Contact the Xerox customer support center for assistance. Jobs programmed with front covers do not DocuTech 180/155/128 HLC print.
  • Page 24 Caveat Applicable printer product External finishing cannot be selected at the DocuPrint 1xx EPS client using the IPP or HTTP gateways. DocuTech 61xx Submit the job to the printer without any finishing, and select the external finisher at the DocuSP. Jobs with a Layout custom template and 1 Up DocuColor 8000 may complete with errors.
  • Page 25 Caveat Applicable printer product Configuration backup to CD fails if more than DocuPrint 1xx EPS one CD is needed. DocuTech 61xx ) Select a backup destination other than CD 2) Select fewer categories to backup so that the backup fits on one CD. This step can be repeated as many times as needed to get all of the categories backed up.
  • Page 27: Tools And Utilities

    4. Tools and Utilities This chapter includes the various software tools and utilities used with the DocuSP software. Ability to Bind 128 Pages A UNIX command line utility included allowing the ability to bind more than 125 sheets of paper for the DocuTech 61xx printers only.
  • Page 28: Reset The Xrite Spectrophotometer

    Changing the Retain PDL Setting Perform the following steps to modify the number of PDLs that can be retained on the DocuSP. 1. On the DocuSP interface, select Setup and System Preferences. Select the Job Policy tab. 2. Ensure that the setting for Retain PDL files of last 50 jobs is set as enabled.
  • Page 29: Nuvera Stacker/Finisher Script

    Nuvera Stacker/Finisher Script For the Nuvera family of printers, you must use the following script to set up Stackers and/or Finishers: 1. Open a terminal window. 2. Login as root. 3. Type cd /opt/XRXnps/bin/DFA_IsStacker. 4. Press <Enter>. 5. Type ./set –f 0 OR ./set –f 1. Use the value 0 if the attached DFA device is a finisher, or use the value of 1 if the attached DFA device is a stacker.
  • Page 30: Tgbackup

    TGBackup provides the ability to backup the system files to a tape. TGBackup is only available on a Sun SPARC workstation. TGBackup is installed on the DocuSP controller by the Xerox service representative. The TGBackup utility consists of the following files: ♦...
  • Page 31 NOTES: ♦ TGBackup will attempt to locate a “ready” tape drive; If no ready tape drives are found the script aborts and the boot process continues. ♦ DocuSP 4.X systems with 36 Gbyte or more total disk space have three file systems to dump: root (/), /var, and /var/spool/XRXnps.
  • Page 32 Solaris must first be performed. This partitions the system disk and takes approximately 20-25 minutes. A Solaris install must be performed by the Xerox service representative. As soon as the system starts rebooting, halt to the system at the ok prompt by pressing [Stop][A].
  • Page 33: Adobe Acrobat Reader

    5. Adobe Acrobat Reader To install the Acrobat Reader, follow the instructions below. The Reader software is available on the customer documentation CDROM for Windows 95/98/NT/XP, Macintosh, and Solaris. For Windows and Macintosh Insert the documentation CDROM into the CDROM reader on your workstation.
  • Page 34 (/cdrom/65docs) to open one of the PDF files on the documentation CDROM. NOTE: Steps 9 and 10 will have to be performed every time the system is shutdown and restarted unless a path is set up to the Adobe Acrobat Reader executable. NOTE: If an icon does not appear, refer to the next procedure.