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Xerox FREEFLOW 701P47393 User Manual

Xerox printer user manual
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User Guide

September 2007
Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
PrInteract Remote Services
Versions 60.xx



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox FREEFLOW 701P47393

  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide 701P47393 September 2007 Xerox FreeFlow Print Server PrInteract Remote Services Versions 60.xx...
  • Page 2 Printed in the United States of America. XEROX® and all Xerox product names mentioned in this publication are trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. One or more of the fonts listed within this document may be a registered trademark of Morisawa &...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Accept a Xerox request to enable desktop sharing ....... . .
  • Page 4 Ta b le of c o nt e nts 9 How are software updates delivered? Types of software updates ............27 User Guide...
  • Page 5: What Is Printeract Remote Services

    Xerox. Whenever you have service-related questions or your printing environment is not running as smoothly as you want, Remote Services can be used by you and Xerox to more quickly diagnose problems and deliver solutions. Remote Services allows you to: •...
  • Page 6 What is PrInteract Remote Services? User Guide...
  • Page 7: How Do I Start Using Remote Services

    Home page navigation Before Remote Services is ready to provide full service, settings for your network configuration need to be verified by your Xerox customer service representative. If your system uses a proxy server, settings to enable the network connection are defined as follows: 1.
  • Page 8: User Access

    How do I start using Remote Services? User access Launching the Remote Services application There are four types of users who have access to the FreeFlow Print Server. Each type of user has different access privileges for Remote Services. The following list presents the default settings for each user.
  • Page 9: Home Page Navigation

    Support Requests Click [Support Requests] to display a table of requests Xerox Support has forwarded to you. Execution of these requests helps to ensure optimum operability of your print environment. Different types of support requests you may receive are: •...
  • Page 10 Click [Contact Information] to view the information; Customer Address, FreeFlow Print Server Version, Print Engine Serial Number, Host ID, and IP Address. On this page click [Contact Xerox] to open an automatically addressed email message you can send to Xerox Support. Software Updates...
  • Page 11: How Can I Customize Application Preferences

    Xerox Support. • Support Requests / Software Updates–accept download requests Xerox Support has forwarded to you. Download operating system patches, Remote Service patches, and FreeFlow Print Server patches. Execution of these requests helps to ensure optimum operability of your print environment.
  • Page 12: Customize Settings For Data Capture And Transfer

    2. Select the Capture tab. 3. If you want to delete the captured files from your system after they are transferred to Xerox, check the [Remove Capture Data after Transfer] checkbox. This eliminates the redundant storage of the files on your system. Or if you want to save the captured files clear the checkbox.
  • Page 13 FTP Server: If your system is functioning on a private network, the operator may install the Remote Services Proxy agent which allows data communication between a private network and a Xerox FTP site. If FTP Server is chosen select the FTP Settings tab and follow the instructions.
  • Page 14: Modify Proxy Server Settings

    How can I customize application preferences? Modify proxy server settings To modify proxy server settings: 1. Select [Home: Setup: Network Settings] page. 2. System administrators can modify the system settings of the HTTP proxy server: • HTTP Proxy Server • HTTP Proxy Port •...
  • Page 15: How Do I Request Xerox Support

    [Home: Support Access] link to enable remote desktop sharing. Desktop sharing enables Xerox to remotely troubleshoot problems quickly in real-time. You can also send Xerox an email message that describes your questions or comments through Remote Services. To enable desktop sharing: 1.
  • Page 16: Email Contact

    When Xerox Support responds to queue, a two-way dynamic chat window opens. Use this chat window for an instant, text based conversation with Xerox Support. If Xerox Support wants to view your desktop, you will receive a Invite Observe or Invite Control request in the chat window. •...
  • Page 17: How Does Xerox Ensure Quality Support

    Xerox Support may ask you to perform a specific task or action. These requests are called Support Requests. Each time Xerox sends you a Support Request, a link to download the request is placed on the Home page. Click this link to open the Support Requests page.
  • Page 18: Remote Monitoring (Rm)

    The scheduled data collection and transfer will then occur automatically. NOTE: To protect your privacy, Job data is not transmitted to Xerox at regular intervals. Job data is transmitted only if a Job Capture is performed directly via the Capture or Capture & Transfer page.
  • Page 19: Download And Execute Script

    Download and Execute Script Software Updates User Guide This Support Request enables the Xerox Support team to remotely load an additional script on a device and immediately initiate script execution. Each time the Remote Services application opens, the system checks for software updates from the Xerox Support Server.
  • Page 20 How does Xerox ensure quality support? User Guide...
  • Page 21: How Are Problems Identified And Reported

    Xerox Support. You may either capture and transfer data to Xerox as it is being recorded or capture data at one point in time, and then transfer the data file at another time.
  • Page 22 This field is optional and is blank by default. 6. Type in a description of the current issue that requires data capture. The information you enter allows Xerox to better understand the issue. This field is required and the capture process does not proceed until a problem description is entered.
  • Page 23: Transfer

    If the system needs additional information, a dialog box opens asking for additional information. The system validates the transfer ID provided by Xerox Support and then transfers the files to either your Xerox Support Server, an FTP site, or to a CD writer as specified on the Problem Reporting:...
  • Page 24: Capture & Transfer

    How are problems identified and reported? Capture & Transfer To capture and transfer data to Xerox in a single step 1. Select [Problem Reporting: Capture & Transfer]. Once the Capture & Transfer window opens, you are informed that the DFE must not be ripping or printing while a Data Capture is in progress.
  • Page 25: Files Ready For Transfer

    [Cancel Capture] button. When the capture process is complete, file transmission begins automatically. The machine and/or job data files is transferred to either your Xerox Support Server, an FTP site, or to a CD writer as specified on the Problem Reporting: Cleanup page.
  • Page 26 How are problems identified and reported? • To delete a single file highlight the row and click Delete. • To delete all files listed in the table, click Delete All. User Guide...
  • Page 27: Can I Automatically Submit Meter Readings

    Remote Services includes the feature, MeterAssistant. When this feature is enabled, all meters are automatically read and transmitted to Xerox and you do not need to call in your meter readings. You can enable or disable the MeterAssistant feature on the [Home: Settings: General] page.
  • Page 28 Can I automatically submit meter readings? User Guide...
  • Page 29: Is An Activity History Available

    Setup–identifies features of Remote Services that are enabled or disabled • Contact–email communication sent to Xerox Support. The status of each task may be either Completed, In Progress, or Canceled. Each task is give a Date/Time Stamp, which identifies the date and time you first received the task request.
  • Page 30 Is an activity history available? User Guide...
  • Page 31 How are software updates delivered? Each time the Remote Services application opens, the system checks for software updates from the Xerox Support Server. The Remote Services Home page provides a link to software updates whenever they become available. Alternately, you can access the Software Updates page via the Software Updates tab on the [Home: Support Requests] page.
  • Page 32 How are software updates delivered? User Guide...