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Safety Instructions; Notes On Safety - Brother TL-847A Instruction Manual

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Thank you very much for buying a BROTHER sewing machine. Before using your new machine, please
read the safety instructions below and the explanations given in the instruction manual.
With industrial sewing machines, it is normal to carry out work while positioned directly in front of moving
parts such as the needle and thread take-up lever, and consequently there is always a danger of injury that
can be caused by these parts. Follow the instructions from training personnel and instructors regarding
safe and correct operation before operating the machine so that you will know how to use it correctly.
z Safety indications and their meanings
This instruction manual and the indications and symbols that are used on the machine itself are provided
in order to ensure safe operation of this machine and to prevent accidents and injury to yourself or other
The meanings of these indications and symbols are given below.
................ This symbol (
side the triangle indicates the nature of the caution that must be taken.
(For example, the symbol at left means "beware of injury".)
................ This symbol (
................ This symbol (
indicates the nature of the thing that must be done.
(For example, the symbol at left means "you must make the ground connection".)
x Notes on safety
Machine installation should only be car-
ried out by a qualified technician.
Contact your Brother dealer or a quali-
fied electrician for any electrical work
that may need to be done.
The sewing machine weighs more than
46 kg. The installation should be carried
out by two or more people.
Do not connect the power cord until in-
stallation is complete, otherwise the ma-
chine may operate if the treadle is
pressed by mistake, which could result
in injury.
Be sure to connect the ground. If the
ground connection is not secure, you run
the risk of receiving a serious electric


The instructions which follow this term indicate situations where failure to
follow the instructions could cause injury when using the machine or physi-
cal damage to equipment and surroundings.
) indicates something that you should be careful of. The picture in-
) indicates something that you must not do.
) indicates something that you must do. The picture inside the circle
– i –
All cords should be secured at least 25
mm away from any moving parts. Fur-
thermore, do not excessively bend the
cords or secure them too firmly with
staples, otherwise there is the danger
that fire or electric shocks could occur.
Install the belt covers to the machine
head and motor.
Be sure to wear protective goggles and
gloves when handling the lubricating oil,
so that no oil gets into your eyes or onto
your skin, otherwise inflammation can
Furthermore, do not drink the oil under
any circumstances, as it can cause vom-
iting and diarrhoea.
Keep the oil out of the reach of children.
TN-8400, 8700 (English)
TL-8400 (English)


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