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Using The Nozzle; Steam - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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The nozzle is used to froth milk for cappuccinos and hot chocolate, as well as to heat liquids.
You can also make hot water for teas and infusions or preheat your cups.


Wipe the nozzle clean immediately after use with a damp sponge, sliding the pipe up and
down to remove any traces of milk. The nozzle will get stuck if not cleaned regularly.

Using the nozzle

Check that the machine is ready (
Slide the steam pipe :
- Up : to heat liquids.
- Down : to froth milk.
Partly fill a tall, narrow container (e.g. a small jug) with the
liquid you wish to heat (
liquids) and place it under the nozzle.
Do not touch the nozzle, as it becomes extremely hot. When
handling the nozzle, always hold it by the plastic ring.
Warning, the steam is scalding hot.
Lower the steam nozzle into the container and turn the hot water
/steam selector towards
will be dispersed before the steam appears. This is quite normal
and does not affect the end result.
Lower the nozzle halfway down into the liquid, making sure that
it does not touch the bottom of the container, so as not to prevent
the inflow of air. Make gentle circular movements downwards.
NB : It takes a few seconds for the temperature to rise sufficiently
for steam to be produced. The pump is triggered at regular
intervals (staccato noise).
To stop the production of steam, turn the button back to 0
Filling the system with water :
- Place an empty container under the nozzle, turn the selector
as far as it will go
button : the water will flow from the nozzle and then stop of its
own accord.
NB : to limit any splashing, choose a fairly tall, narrow
- Turn the selector back to 0
) .
full for milk and
as far as it will go. Some water
= fill the system with water.
immediately press the
machine ready.
full for other

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