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Aftercare; Day-To-Day Care - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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You must look after your machine carefully and regularly if you want it to have a long life
span and remain in perfect working order.

Day-to-day care

The machine housing : Regularly clean the outer surfaces of the appliance with a damp sponge.
The ground coffee compartment : Regularly clean it with a damp cloth and then dry it thoroughly.
The coffee bean compartment : Regularly clean it with a dry cloth.


The water tank :
- Every day, and each time the
discard the remaining water and fill the tank with freshly-drawn
- Once a week, empty the tank and clean it with a non-abrasive
washing-up liquid.
The drip tray :
- When
comes on and / or the tray's red float becomes visible,
you must empty the grounds tray and the drip tray :
1. If necessary, raise the flow head as high as possible. Left the
drip tray up slightly before pulling it out.
2. Remove the grounds tray and empty it.
3. Remove the grid by pressing down on one side. Empty the drip tray.
- Once a week : clean those elements with a non-abrasive washing-
up liquid. Wipe the inside (accessible once the grid has been
removed) with a damp sponge.
4. When replacing the drip tray back into the base of the coffee
machine, ensure that the tray feet are inside the drip tray, not the
out side.
The nozzle :
Never handle the nozzle when it is hot.
- Always wipe the nozzle after use with a damp sponge.
- Regularly, or if the nozzle is clogged :
1. Unscrew it using a coin.
2. Remove the lower section of the pipe and unblock the small air
vent with a needle.
3. Put the parts back together as shown in the photo.
Never use alcohol, solvents or aggressive cleaning fluids.
indicator light comes on,

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