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MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual page 2

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Please read these instructions carefully before using
your Robot Café and keep them in a safe place.
With the entirely automatic Robot Café, you will rapidly master the art of
making genuine espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee.
Your Robot Café
Is equipped with :
a powerful 15-bar pump :
an in-built grinder :
a system for pre-brewing the ground coffee :
It also allows you to adjust the following :
the amount of water per cup :
the fineness of the grind :
the amount of ground coffee per cup :
your coffee (p.55).
Golden rules
Try out several different types of coffee (vary the origins and degrees of
Always use freshly-drawn water with a low mineral content (e.g. filtered
water). Clean your water tank once a week.
It is well worth taking a little trouble over the presentation : an espresso
should be served in a small, thick cup - conical, if possible -, so that all
the cream rises to the surface.
Preheat the cups.
for creamy coffee.
for freshly-ground coffee every time.
for a large or small coffee (p.54).
according to the degree of roasting (p.54).
to bring out the full flavour.
according to how strong you like

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