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Transporting Your Appliance - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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The indicator
are flashing
in turn
The appliance is too cold
Switch it off and wait for
approx. 1 hr before switching
it back on again
If you cannot identify the cause of a problem, seek the advice of your retailer or contact our
customer service department which will give you the address of a Magimix-approved after-sales
You must never dismantle your appliance.
Transporting the machine
- Keep the original packaging and use it to protect the appliance during transport.
- Flush out all the steam in the heating system :
Switch your appliance off, pressing the
Place a container under the nozzle and turn the hot water/steam selector towards
as it will go.
Switch the appliance back on, by pressing
Press the
button and do not release it until the
Shortly afterwards, steam will come out of the appliance and then automatically stop.
Warning, take care to avoid being splashed, as the steam can be scalding hot.
Turn the selector back to its initial position (0).
Unplug the appliance.
- Empty the water tank and the trays.
- Remove as many coffee beans as possible from the coffee bean compartment.
Possible causes
The indicator
are flashing
in turn
then unplug it. Plug it back in,
then switch it on again. If the
problem persists, take your
appliance to an approved
repair service.
button .
again, the following lights will appear :
indicator is the only light still flashing.
Possible causes
Switch your appliance off,
as far

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