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How To Make An Espresso; Preparing The Machine - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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An espresso is a strong coffee with an extremely rich aroma, characterized by
its "chamois"-coloured cream.
To bring out the very best of its flavour, it is vital to have :
good-quality water : use fresh, chlorine-free water with a low mineral
good-quality coffee : be it a subtle blend or a pure "vintage", coffee offers
an infinite palette of flavours. Ask your coffee retailer's advice and adjust
the grind according to the degree of roasting
the right temperature : preheat the cups using the hot water nozzle
According to your preferences / the time of day.... you can :
adjust the amount of water per cup to obtain a large or small coffee
adjust the amount of coffee per cup for a strong or extra-strong coffee
use ground coffee if you wish to brew another variety of coffee
(e.g. decaffeinated)

Preparing the machine

How to make an espresso

Fill the tank with freshly-drawn water (left-hand lid).
NB : if the tank has not been put back or is not sufficiently full,
indicator will come on and the machine will not be able
to brew any coffee.
NB : the
indicator always comes on before the tank is completely
empty, to avoid all interruptions once the brewing is underway.
Fill the coffee bean compartment (right-hand lid).
Check that there are no foreign bodies in the coffee, to
avoid damaging the grinder.
Check that the Hot water / steam selector is at 0.
Press the
NB : the
the right temperature.
button to switch on your appliance.
indicator will flash until the appliance has reached

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