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Troubleshooting; What Should You Do If - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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What should you do if ?

No coffee is
coming out of the
flow head
The coffee only
comes out in drips
Your espresso has
an unpleasant taste
You cannot froth
the milk
The coffee is not
hot enough
Only some of the cof-
fee has been brewed
The grinder is
making an abnormal
You cannot replace
the trays and/or the
grounds tray is
wedged in the


Possible causes
Problem with the water tank
Trays incorrectly positioned
Unsuitable grind setting
Your coffee is stale or too acidic
Your water contains chlorine
The nozzle is blocked or clogged up
with limescale
The container is unsuitable
You are not using the right milk
Insufficient preheating time
The cups are cold
Coffee bean compartment empty :
the cycle has been interrupted
Coffee bean compartment empty
A foreign body has found its way
into the grinder
The trays were removed before the
completion of a cycle
Check that the tank is correctly
Fill the tank with water
Check the position of the trays
Change the setting to a coarser
Try a different batch of coffee
Use filtered or bottled water
Clean the nozzle (p.59) and/or
descale your appliance (p.61)
Use a tall, narrow container
(e.g. small jug)
Use cold whole or semi-skimmed
indicator must be continuously
on and not flashing
Preheat them using the hot water
nozzle (p.57)
Fill the coffee bean compartment
Fill the compartment
Take the appliance to an approved
repair service
1) Remove the drip tray and the
grounds drawer. Gently lift out the
grounds tray
2) Put the drip tray and the grounds drawer
(minus the grounds tray) back in the
appliance and wait
3) Now put the grounds tray back

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