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Switching Off Your Appliance; Manual; Automatic - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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Switching off your appliance



For safety reasons and in order to save energy, your Robot Café is equipped with an
automatic switching-off mechanism. If you activate this function, your appliance will
automatically switch itself off 2 or 5 hours after it was last used.
ex : 2 h
Time delay
Deactivated function
After 2 hours.
After 5 hours.
NB : When your appliance is delivered, it is programmed for 2 hours.
Press the on / off button
all the indicator lights will go out.
Making sure that your appliance is plugged in but turned off,
press the
button for approx. 3 sec.
Then press the same
takes to set the time delay. This is determined by the number of
indicator lights that come on.
To enter your setting, press the
NB : if 30 sec. elapse without any button being activated, the
process will be automatically discontinued (all the indicator lights
will go out), without any modification to the previous setting.
Standard indicators
button briefly for as many times as it
all the lights will go
Level indicators

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