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A Large Or Small Espresso; A Fine Or Coarse Grind - MAGIMIX ROBOT CAFE Instructions For Use Manual

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A large or small espresso ? Setting the water volume adjuster
Your appliance boasts an automatic stop mechanism, which means that the flow of coffee
automatically comes to a halt once the preselected volume has been reached.

A fine or coarse grind ?

The lighter the colour of the beans (lightly roasted), the finer the grind should be.
Rinsing :
machine. This process enables you both to preheat your cup and
to eliminate any residual water in the circuits so that your coffee
is brewed with fresh water at the correct temperature.
NB : if the appliance has only been switched off for a brief
period, the
indicator will stay on (not flashing), in which case
you do not need to carry out this rinsing process.
Place an empty cup under the flow head.
Press the
button. Hot water will flow through the circuits and
out into the cup. The process will stop of its own accord.
= machine ready.
Place one or two cups under the flow head.
NB : the small holes in the grid make it easier to position them
Adjust the height of the flow head according to the size of your cups.
The pipes protruding from the flow head may be scalding hot.
Turn the water volume adjuster to select the quantity of coffee
you wish to brew :
- Position
- Position
NB : when you select two cups, the amount of water is
automatically doubled.
Adjust the fineness of the grind according to the degree of
- In a clockwise direction = coarser.
- In an anticlockwise direction = finer.
You must only adjust the grind when the grinder is actually
NB : Experiment a few times to find the ideal setting.
you must now briefly rinse out the
small, strong coffee.
large coffee.

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