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Nikon D70 Manual: Exposure Compensation

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Exposure Compensation

To obtain the desired results with certain subject compositions, it may be
nec es sary to use ex po sure compensation to alter exposure from the val ue
sug gest ed by the cam era. As a rule of thumb, positive compensation may
be needed when the main sub ject is dark er than the background, negative
val ues when the main sub ject is bright er than the background.
Exposure compensation is available in modes P, S, and A (in mode M, only the
exposure information in the electronic analog exposure display is affected;
shutter speed and aperture do not change).
Pressing the
com mand dial and confi rm ex po sure com-
pen sa tion in the control panel or the elec-
tronic analog exposure display (the 0 in the
electronic analog exposure display will fl ash).
Ex po sure com pen sa tion can be set to val ues
be tween –5 EV (un der ex po sure) and +5 EV
(over ex po sure) in in cre ments of
The cur rent val ue for ex po sure com pen sa tion
can be con fi rmed by press ing the
The current value is shown in the control panel
with a
icon; in the viewfi nder, positive val-
ues are shown by a
Frame the pho to graph, fo cus, and shoot.
Normal ex po sure can be restored by set ting ex po sure compensation to ±0 or
per form ing a two button reset (
when the camera is turned off.
9—EV Step (
Use this option to set the increments for exposure com pen sa tion to ½ EV.
10—Exp Comp. (
If desired, exposure compensation can be set without pressing the
button, rotate the main
icon, negative values by
111). Ex po sure com pen sa tion is not reset
1 3
±0 EV (
but ton.
button pressed)
–0.3 EV
+2.0 EV


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