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Print Set

Print set is used to create a digital "print order" that lists the photographs
to be printed, the number of copies, and the information to be included on
each print. This information is stored on the memory card in Digital Print
Order Format (DPOF). The card can then be removed from the camera and
used to print the selected images printed on any DPOF-compatible device.
Highlight Print set in the playback menu (
and press the multi selector to the right. Press the
multi selector up or down to highlight an option,
then press to the right to make a selection.
Select / set
Select photographs for printing.
Deselect all? Remove all images from print order.
If "Print Set" Is Unavailable
If the Print set option is not available in the playback menu, there is not enough space
on the memory card to store the print order. Delete some pictures and try again.
Taking Pictures for Direct Printing
When taking photographs to be printed without modifi cation, choose Direct Print
for Optimize image (
IIIa (sRGB).
After Creating a Print Order
After creating a print order, do not change the hidden status of images in the print
order or use a computer or other device to delete images. Either action could cause
problems during printing.
Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) is an industry-wide standard that allows pictures to
be printed from print orders stored on the memory card. Before printing, check that
the printer or print service supports DPOF.
Exif version 2.21
The D70 supports Exif (Exchangeable Image File Format for Digital Still Cameras) ver-
sion 2.21, a stan dard that al lows in for ma tion stored with pho to graphs to be used for
optimal color re pro duc tion when im ag es are output on Exif-compliant print ers.
56) or select Custom and set Color mode to Ia (sRGB) or
Print set
Select / set
Deselect all?


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