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Autoexposure Lock

When center-weighted metering is used, an area in the center of the frame
is assigned the greatest weight when determining exposure. Similarly, when
spot metering is used, exposure is based upon lighting conditions in the se-
lected focus area. If the subject is not in the metered area when the picture
is taken, exposure will be based on lighting conditions in the back ground,
and the main sub ject may be under- or over-exposed. To prevent this, use
autoexposure lock:
Rotate the mode dial to P, S, or A and select
center-weight ed or spot metering (exposure
lock has no effect in mode M, while Digital
Vari-Program modes are not recommended as
center-weighted and spot metering can not
be selected in these modes).
Position the sub ject in the selected focus area and press the shutter-re-
lease button halfway (when using center-weighted metering, position
the subject in the center focus area). With the shut ter-release button
pressed halfway and the subject still po si tioned in the fo cus area, press
the AE-L/AF-L button to lock exposure. Confi rm that the in-focus in di -
ca tor (●) appears in the viewfi nder.
While ex po sure lock is in effect, an EL in di ca tor will ap pear in the view-
fi nder.


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